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Build & Connect with an Audience Around Your Creative Work

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Friday, July 21st

1:00 PM EST, 10:00 AM PST

Sunday, July 23rd

4:00 PM EST, 1:00 PM PST

This Free Master Class Will Show You:

What is Content Marketing? 

  • This LIFE-CHANGING approach to marketing will get you using the content you already create everyday to raise awareness for your work (in a totally authentic, not overly-promotional way).
  • Get concrete examples of HOW all different kinds of creatives can use content marketing (to get you up and running NOW).

Build and Connect with an Audience Around Your Creative Work 

  • Stand out from the crowd and get your work noticed by the RIGHT people (so you can stop shouting and start connecting with your true fans).
  • Learn how to get people talking about and SHARING your creative work (and how you can harness that power to grow your audience).

How to Get Your "Content Marketing Engine" Set up 

  • Learn the ESSENTIAL elements of a content marketing strategy (HINT: you already have a lot of them).
  • Get JUMPSTART tips to get your social media, email, website, blog, and online store all working together (so you can get more done faster).

How CreateBiz Can Help You Reach Your Goals 

  • Experience the POWER and SIMPLICITY of the CreateBiz system first hand (and why more and more creatives are ditching traditional promotion approaches for content marketing instead)

We're going to pick someone live to win a free Createbiz course – BE THERE!